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ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer - Indonesia
No. Nama gender Registration Number Local PE Registration No. Discipline/Major Status ACPE
1 Ir. Abdul Afif, MBA M ACPE-00073/ID none none Deregister
2 Sarwono Hardjomuljadi M ACPE-00074/ID 1938301 Civil Active
3 Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyambodo, MT M ACPE-00075/ID 1103101 Civil Active
4 Ir. Darma Tyanto Saptodewo, MT, MBA M ACPE-00076/ID 1105156 Civil Active
5 Ir. Junjungan Pasaribu M ACPE-00077/ID 1879573 Civil Active
6 Garwono Winardi Surarso M ACPE-00078/ID 1001705 Civil Active
7 Sulistijo Sidarto Mulyo [TMD] TMD ACPE-00079/ID TMD TMD Deceased
8 Moeljadi Oetji M ACPE-00080/ID none none Deregister
9 Pandri Prabono-Moelyo M ACPE-00081/ID to be updated Mechanical Active
10 Ir. Suharto M ACPE-00082/ID to be updated TBA Active