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ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer - Indonesia
No. Nama gender Registration Number Local PE Registration No. Discipline/Major Status ACPE
11 Prof. Ir. Chaidir Anwar Makarim MSE Ph.D AVS M ACPE-00083/ID 1171371 Civil Active
12 Jimmy Siswanto Juwana M ACPE-00126/ID 1002344 Civil Active
13 Dr. Ir. Sutoyo Martohardjono, M.T., S.E. M ACPE-00127/ID to be updated Electrical Active
14 Afrizal Nursin M ACPE-00128/ID 1018886 Civil Active
15 Albert Steven Budisusetija M ACPE-00129/ID to be updated Civil Active
16 Wisnu Suharto M ACPE-00130/ID 1028367 Civil Active
17 Ir. Salman M.T., IPM M ACPE-00131/ID 09-004765 Mechanical Active
18 Maryono Bony M ACPE-00132/ID 1017895 Civil Active
19 Sutardjono M ACPE-00133/ID 69126 Civil Active
20 Achmad Hendiarto Soempeno M ACPE-00134/ID 1151403 Civil Active