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ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer - Indonesia
No. Nama gender Registration Number Local PE Registration No. Discipline/Major Status ACPE
31 Wahyudin H.A. M ACPE-00260/ID to be updated Civil Active
32 Ir. Slamet Sunaryo, MT. M ACPE-00261/ID 1046187 Civil Active
33 D. Kisnu Dibyo M ACPE-00262/ID 1162657 Electrical Active
34 Wasis Marsono M ACPE-00263/ID 1901680 Civil Active
35 Rommel Manahan Hutajulu M ACPE-00264/ID 1010169 Electrical Active
36 Johannes Bangun M ACPE-00265/ID 1010604 Electrical Active
37 Haryono Wiknyo Broto M ACPE-00266/ID 1010388 Mechanical Active
38 TR. Buwana A. Iwan M ACPE-00267/ID to be updated Electrical Active
39 Mamik Radyantono, Ir, MT M ACPE-00282/ID 1034619 Civil Active
40 Tjarli M ACPE-00283/ID 1042753 Civil Active