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ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer - Indonesia
No. Nama gender Registration Number Local PE Registration No. Discipline/Major Status ACPE
21 Aswin Gautama Pohan M ACPE-00135/ID 1149455 Mechanical Active
22 Ir. Ferizal IPM [Feryzal?] M ACPE-00177/ID 1095327 Mechanical Active
23 Achmad Yani Chaidir [TMD] TMD ACPE-00178/ID TMD TMD Deceased
24 Dr. Ir. Pekik Argo Dahono M ACPE-00179/ID 02-017785 Electrical Active
25 Irwin Bahar Rasyid M ACPE-00254/ID 1029886 Civil Active
26 Dr. Pintor Tua Simatupang M ACPE-00255/ID 1001759 Civil Active
27 Harry Purwantara M ACPE-00256/ID 1000004 Civil Active
28 Didit Oemar Prihadi M ACPE-00257/ID to be updated Civil Active
29 Septiawan Andri Purwanto M ACPE-00258/ID 1044210 Civil Active
30 Arsul Mudjitaba M ACPE-00259/ID to be updated Civil Active